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Our approach

Dating Simplified.

So much of our attention and energy is focused on our perfectly edited photos and clever ghost-written bios. Once our profiles are on point, much of our time is consumed by swiping, messaging and scheduling.

(insert sigh of exhaustion)

We do all of this behind the scenes maneuvering when a real, lasting connection really comes down to a mutual VIBE or lack thereof.

Dating should be fun, energizing, sincere and easy. It should feel like dancing freely in a room where no one is watching. Our Monday Date Nights were designed from the ground up to do just that.

Date Night Every Monday
Every Monday at 7:00 PM PST, The Zero Date goes live. We will lead you through a series of fun, high-energy dates designed to help you break the ice, embrace the unexpected, and build connections that you wouldn’t have made otherwise.

You will meet multiple people, with a short break between each date. If you like them, click the "heart". If it is mutual, you'll get each other's info and take it from there!
All you need is 30 minutes per week
Date Nights only last 30 minutes, with the possibility of meeting up to 6 people! This time-frame is all about the gut feeling from a first impression in the comfort of your home.

The Zero Date helps you get through the annoying stages of dating quickly, so you have time to be with people you want to see for the second, third, fourth date & beyond.
Date at your own speed
We make it easy for you to break the ice so you have more to talk about with each person you meet. The Zero Date takes all the best parts of a house party and online dating and wraps them into one.

We will lead you through a series of fun, high-energy dates designed to help you break the ice, embrace the unexpected, and build connections that you wouldn’t have made otherwise.

Join today and start dating like never before!

There's more to
dating than the app

Meet face-to-face from anywhere
Talking in real time is much more exciting than hanging out in your DMs hoping to have text chemistry with someone – The Zero Date allows you to experience the person beyond the profile and bio.
Epic monthly free themed events
You get the critical first minute of meeting someone, without the hard work to get there. It saves you from sitting through a 2hr date when you can know in an instant.
Plan less, do more
There is no need for concrete planning before meeting— we take care of it. All you need to do is slide your toggle when we go live. Date Night is a time to get dates without the baggage of planning and worrying.
Curated based on your preferences
The matching process is based on preferences you set, your standing in the community, and past dates you’ve been on. The vibe at The Zero Date is making it virtual but keeping the experience authentically you.
Date people in your city
You will only meet people in your city. We automatically pair you with people closest to you first.
The Zero Date is 100% free (for now)
To get The Zero Date into the hands of as many singles as possible, all date nights will be free for at least for the next 6 months (Dec 2022).

Frequently asked questions

Is The Zero Date Free?

Short answer, yes. We’ll have some premium upgrades available later this year for anyone interested. Date Night will always be free, though.

Can I access video dates on my laptop?
Of course you can! We want you to be as comfortable as possible during Date Night. And being on your phone isn’t always an ideal situation. Need to switch? You can go back and forth between the mobile app and the web app. Do whatever is best for you!
What if I’m late to Date Night?
It’s best to show up at 7 to get the whole experience, but we know that’s not always doable. So feel free to show up anytime between 7 and 7:30; you’ll just get fewer dates.
I’m just not vibing with this person. Can I leave a date early?
Sometimes things don’t work out. And that’s fine! If you need to leave a date early, just be nice about it. However, if you make a habit of leaving dates early without any reason, your account could be suspended.
What’s everyone like?
We’re a group of fun, non-judgy, laid-back people who value face-to-face connections.
We’d love for you to join us!
Can I get more than 6 dates?

If we find someone that we know you’ll click with, you’ll get the chance to join a bonus date. Lucky you!

Does The Zero Date share any personal information with third parties for their own advertising purposes?

No way! We only collect information that's absolutely necessary to bring you dates. Your personal information is only used for this purpose and is not shared with third parties for their own advertising. 

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