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Every Monday at 7:00 PM PST.

Zero dating as self-care.
More Dates
Less Stress
Zero Planning
High Vibes
Up to 6 dates weekly with people
you want to meet
You have 5 min to gauge if you’d like to meet your date IRL
We take care of everything.
You don't have to arrange to meet.
We're proud of the
kind & respectful community we've built.


Black single woman wearing a pink hat and pink one piece leotard to an online speed dating event hosted by The Zero Date

The very first step is to meet
face-to-face for a short video date.


If you feel a spark, give them a 'heart'. If it's mutual, we'll exchange your contact info so you can explore things further after Date Night.

Boho couple wearing earthy clothes while looking into the sunset in the middle of the forest during a camping trip in California


Going on an IRL date after your zero date is a game changer. Trust us, you'll start looking forward to going on first dates.

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Mondays at 7:00 pm pst
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White cutouts of customer product reviews on their experience speed dating at The Zero Date

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White cutouts with black boarder of customer product reviews on their experience speed dating at The Zero Date
"It feels like we’re at the cusp of a new era where traditional dating apps are grappling with the current dating landscape...Zero Date aims to simplify online dating by prioritizing face-to-face interactions over text, where nuances like tones, cues, and expressions are nearly impossible to interpret..." Read More

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