The Date Before the Date

Come to Date Night every Monday at 7 pm.
Up to 5 video speed dates in 30 mins.

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Don’t worry.
You won’t miss
The Bachelor!

Speed Dating

How does it work?

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Pretty simple, huh?

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Click ‘Start’

Doesn’t get any easier than this!

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Get dates, the best part


That’s it? Yep. That’s it!

It’s super easy to get started and its free!

It’s super easy to get
started and its free!

Yep, You read that Right

(Yep. You read that right.)

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An app inspired
by a movement.

The Zero Date is a modern twist to online dating.

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“I am having so much fun on your app. The 5 min is just enough time to figure out if I am compatible with someone. It is a better way to do the first date.”

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“The Zero Date (ZD) should be considered prior to any first date,
eating date, drunk date, nap date , road trip date, hug date, movie date, kiss date, or meet the family date.”

– Urban Dictionary

Why The Zero Date?

Why the
Zero Date?

A no pressure zone
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No messaging, no planning, just dates


“You get the critical first minute of meeting someone, without the hard work to get there.”


It’s simple

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“It’s so simple to use! I love how I can use my laptop or phone to video date”


It’s fun!


“Like meeting new people at a party… but you don’t have to wear pants.”

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Come to Date Night!

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