The Zero Date
John Prins
The Zero Date - Resident Dating Coach
hi, I'm John! Among other roles at The Zero Date, I am the resident dating coach for men. My mission is to help you get better at finding and attracting the kind of women you are looking for.

I won't tell you you need to change who you are deep down, but I won't sugar coat it either: you do need to change. The good news is, there are many small, practical steps you can do to "get out of your own way" and start finding and attracting the women you are interested in.

We will take a holistic approach to helping you put your best foot forward, but start with the basics:
  • What's the most interesting object behind you on screen?
  • What do you do? - the best way to answer
  • Good and bad compliments
and go from there.

Send me a message and introduce yourself.