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📍Best places for singles in San Francisco, CA

SF trendiest spots for singles:

—Curated by John

Press Club

This swanky wine bar downtown is the perfect choice for a weeknight date. It is an easy ride for almost anyone in the city, and a walk for anyone who works downtown. A long flight of stairs leads to a cavernous underground space with good acoustics, date-worthy decor and a chic professional crowd. The wine selection is excellent and there is something for everyone.

Beloved Cafe

If you’d prefer to avoid alcohol on your first date, this quirky cafe in the Mission District is a surprise stand out. In their quest to avoid alcoholic beverages, the baristas here have gotten very creative. Studies show people rate strangers as more trustworthy and appealing when holding something hot in their hands, so for perfect first date vibes, try a matcha latte, heavenly hot cacao or medicinal mushroom tonic!

Duboce Park

Like anywhere outdoors in SF, this cute little park nestled in the Lower Haight neighborhood is cold and windy after dark, but if you’re looking for a daytime date spot, it is usually warm, sunny and full of life. Bring a picnic blanket and some wine and cheese and you have a cheap and ready-made date! The park offers good people watching which can chill out the date and take some of the pressure off getting to know each other.

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