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The Zero Date App: How to sign up in just 4 easy steps

The Zero Date app takes all the best parts of a house party and online dating and wraps them into one. We lead you through a series of fun, high-energy virtual date nights designed to help you break the ice, embrace the unexpected, and build connections that you wouldn’t have made otherwise.

Being on this page is the first step to breaking the cycle. The Zero Date app is the underdog with something to prove. We’re here to show you that current online dating options are not the answer. Online dating doesn’t have to be about the swipes. You deserve to feel optimistic about dating. The Zero Date sees no value in giving someone hundreds of matches to make them feel good. We actually take things a few steps further and give you actual dates! The vibe at The Zero Date is making dating virtual but keeping the experience authentically you. 

Our mantra is we are the date before the date.  

How does the zero date app work

Every Monday at 7 PM PST, there will be Virtual Date Nights that allow you to be paired with potential matches for 5 minutes. Date Nights only last 30 minutes with a potential of 6 dates! This timeframe is all about the gut feeling from a first impression in the comfort of your own home. Also, did we mention it’s FREE!

All you need to sacrifice is 30 minutes a week to find love ❤️

How to start?

1. Sign up

Sign up takes less time than placing a coffee order. First, it takes 2 minutes to fill out information like your first name, birthday, zip code, and gender you best identify with. Next is adding your best selfie or picture that shows off You! The sign-up process is simple and can be done on your laptop or phone📱.

After the sign-up is where the fun begins! Now’s the time to be creative with your profile by adding a simple bio describing your interests and any hashtags you relate to. And we will take care of the rest!😊

Your profile is uniquely you and allows your next date to learn a little about you before you meet. After that, all you have to do is wait until Monday, and we’ll email a set of reminders for what to expect.

2. Show up

Day Nights will be held every Monday from 7:00 PM PST – 7:30 PM PST

Log in to The Zero Date (

Slide the toggle when you’re ready to get a date, and leave the rest for us to take care of!

3. Get Dates

Before each date, a 10-second countdown appears along with the profile of your next date! The matching process is based on your preferences, your standing in the community, and past dates you’ve been on. 

4. After You Meet

After each date, you describe who you met and decide if you would like to ❤️ them.

Don’t worry if you can’t decide right away; you can always go back to view your recent dates and their profiles up to 2 weeks after the meeting.


The Mutual Heart

You’ve gone on a date, and both of you feel the spark and have given a Mutual ❤️ – Where does it go from here?

Well, congrats 🎉 you’re one step closer to a love match! On your dashboard on the bottom left, you will find a heart to click to lead you to your recent dates. There you will see a green phone book that has the contact information of your Mutual Heart.

After 2 weeks, anyone you have not ❤️ will be removed from the tab. At The Zero Date, we are all about cutting to the chase, and if there’s no spark, that’s okay!

The Modern Twist to Dating

The Zero Date is an app inspired by an online dating movement. We are here to virtually connect you in online speed dates to find this crazy little thing called love.

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