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What Is The Zero Date? | How can the zero date lead to thoughtful connections?

Online dating … the mysterious, elusive beast. Some people are online dating experts – others are either in a happy relationship (for which we are jealous!), or some don’t even know where to start. 

Traditional Online Dating 

Using online dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge is a fun way to collect interest, and really it’s pretty rewarding seeing how many matches you collect. After the swiping comes the jungle of uncertainty: ‘What are they looking for?’ or ‘What are their interests?’ (besides partying with friends or taking car selfies). 

The second stage of online dating apps is the conversation:

‘Will we connect?’ 

‘Are they even real?’

Standard dating apps now capitalize on cheesy pickup lines and drawn-out conversations that consist of ‘What’s up?’ Or ‘How’s it going?’ – both prompts reveal virtually nothing about your match. And after about a week, the momentum is gone, the flame extinguished. 

Misleading text chemistry

In the world of sarcasm is king (or queen). Text chemistry can be misleading, especially in the first conversation. In 2018, Venngage set up a study to ultimately see if two people could fall in love through text. After being matched, couples could text back and forth for almost an hour and answer various topics. The consensus of this study was that 53% of people did not prefer texting over meeting face-to-face with someone. One of the main downfalls was the difficulty of understanding someone’s text without physical queues, such as smiling, hand gestures, or eyebrow movements. 

Messaging works best if you know the other person’s inflections and mannerisms. That’s why texting your friends about a problem is easier than messaging the Apple helpdesk.

Getting to the Point

The point is to actually get dates. Getting matched is straightforward; building a connection is difficult. Through video speed dating, you can see the genuine person (no added filters) hear their voice beyond a well-thought-out text and understand their personality better with visual, physical queues

What is the zero date? 

A zero date is a predecessor to the first date. 

This pre-date is all about chemistry 😘; how do you guys interact in real-time (not through heavily planned text messages). It is a great way to see if your collective hobbies and interests you matched translate to real life. 

At The Zero Date, we understand the trepidation behind meeting with someone you matched with online. It’s already scary enough to put yourself out there (we think that’s why there are more horror first date stories than fantastic ones). Our approach at The Zero Date is Zero commitment, Zero pressure. It’s the date before the date. 

Who is it for? 

The Zero Date is for anyone looking for a connection versus entertainment. Unfortunately, online dating apps’ graphics and ‘swipability’ breed more entertainment value than prospective matches.

Pictures and profiles hinder a person’s first impressions. Looks will only go so far when two people are in a relationship. With the generational shift from Millennials to Gen Z, our culture and interactions are changing. Instead of the look-focused picture posts of Instagram, the storytelling and personality shown in TikTok videos are gaining recognition. Every person is a voice beyond a picture in life – why date based on a picture versus conversation?

The connection in dating is supposed to be fun and simple. Speed dating now is not established individuals dressing in sophisticated garb in a dim lounge drinking ‘oaky’ wine; it’s about being spontaneous and being open to meeting people within a 5-minute increment. You do not need to worry about being thrown into the lion’s den; you are not naïve, Ann Perkins, and no one will ‘break it to you’ like Donna Meagle

Dating is a skill 

In general, dating is a skill that needs practice. Not just because your outside environment changes, but because you do. At the root, you need to know what you want, what you need, what you care about; that is the dating skill that will never be mastered, only improved. The most significant change to dating in the 21st century is the online aspect. We now meet someone online and, if there’s potential, have to transition a blooming relationship to face-to-face. That is the new struggle with dating. The zero date is an easy transition from online to face-to-face by first meeting the person on a video call. 

Try The Zero Date this Monday!

The Zero Date was founded to change the swiping mindset to meeting face-to-face. Every Monday at 7 pm, there will be virtual Date Nights that allow you to be paired with potential matches for 5 minutes. This timeframe is all about the gut feeling from a first impression in the comfort of your own home. Our TZD patron, Wren, stated it best, “(A Date Night) is like meeting new people at a party…but you don’t have to wear pants”. The Zero Date combines the matching and meeting process into the perfectly wrapped 🎁. 

The Zero Date is an app, but we’ve started an online dating movement. We are here to connect you in speed dates to find this crazy little thing called love.


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