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Messaging is hard work

This is a pretty mild opener and a pretty reasonable, if dull, response. But the sheer amount of time that elapsed in between (16 days) just got to me and I started laughing and shaking my head ruefully at the same time. Messaging is boring! It feels like a chore! Not always… sometimes a conversation can sparkle a bit. And sometimes meeting is inevitable because of physical chemistry and messaging is just a number exchange. But most of the time the words shuffle like sad lemmings across the screen towards their inevitable doom.

There must be a better way, I thought.

And there has been! It is meeting people face to face somewhere natural, like a house party. The problem with house parties is there aren’t that many of them and you can’t meet that many people at each party. And you can’t pick up ahead who’s going to be there!

What if you could go to a house party every week and choose exactly who you were going to meet?

That’s The Zero Date! A Monday evening house party, that doesn’t get in the way of your later-in-the-week plans, where you’ve picked all the guests. 8 minutes to talk to each person, face to face, with no messaging first and no scheduling… just pure human connection. The good stuff. Happy dating!