Conversations with the Dating Guru

Episode 1: How to make out with someone without EVER being rejected

Dating Guru: Have you ever gone to kiss someone and had them pull away and suddenly you’re stammering apologies and your heart has sunk to around the bottom of your shoes?


Yes, once or twice, and it super sucked!


Even worse, have you imagined this happening to the point where you talked yourself out of even trying?


Yes, way more than the once or twice it actually happened!


Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Its happened to most of us. But of course, when it happens, you do feel very much alone. So what if I told you this never needs to happen again?

Ooh! Are you going to tell me a magic secret to never being rejected ever again? Is it hypnotism?

No! In fact, what I’m going to tell you should get you more rejections than you’ve ever had before. But they’re not going to feel like the kind of stomach-churning rejections when someone ducks away from your kiss. They’re going to feel like useful signals that you receive with gratitude and go about your day.

Uhh, ok. So whats the secret?

Touch their shoulder with the back of your hand.

Ooh! To hypnotize them right?

No! Ok, let me back up a bit, since you seem to be fixated on this hypnotism thing. When you meet someone you’re interested in, how many languages do you talk to them in?

English mainly. 


Ok yes there’s verbal communication, but you’re also talking them via your appearance and by touch, right? You’re having conversations in 3 languages: verbal, visual, and physical.

And when you start talking to someone verbally, you don’t lead with “HELLO, I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH, WANT TO MAKE THE SEX?!”. Because you’d get rejected every time, right?

You might start with “Hey, do you like horses?” or “I like your style!” or “My name is Morgan”. And the worst that can happen is the person you want to talk to doesn’t respond.

So when you talk to someone physically, there is a way to say “Hi my name is Morgan”, and that’s while you are talking, to touch them on the shoulder with the back of your hand, and wait for their response.

How do I interpret their response?

If the person moves into your hand or stays relaxed under the touch: move on to the next step of physical communication. If the person moves away from your hand or tenses up: move on from that person! That person is not interested in you. And that’s great because you can move on too.


Alright Dating Guru, thanks for the awesome tip. I’ll try it. But can I just say, next episode I’d like you to focus more on hypnotism.

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