What Is The Zero Date?  | How can the zero date lead to thoughtful connections?

The Zero Date Concept Online dating … the mysterious, elusive beast. Some people are online dating experts – others are either in a happy relationship (for which we are jealous!), or some don’t even know where to start.  Traditional Online Dating  Using online dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge is a fun way to […]

The Zero Date app: How to sign up in just 4 easy steps

How does it work? The Zero Date app takes all the best parts of a house party and online dating and wraps them into one. We lead you through a series of fun, high-energy virtual date nights designed to help you break the ice, embrace the unexpected, and build connections that you wouldn’t have made […]

The Future of Speed Dating is Online

What is Speed Dating Dating is a journey many of us face in our lifetime. It is the path that guides us from first encounter meetings to a happily ever after! But why does it feel more like we’re uncertainly meandering with Dorothy down the yellow brick road? Going on dates with no real direction, […]